Sta. Lucia Theater Zone - bringing movie experience to a higher level

THEATER ZONE strengthens its stature as the movie destination in the city with ten movie houses to bring the latest state-of-the-art movie experience.

THEATER ZONE brings movie experience a step higher with the widest cinema screens, numerous comfortable reclining love seats, and Dolby Digital EX Surround System.

In bringing the movie-going public closer to the world of entertainment, Sta. Lucia East Theater Zone holds the best standards when it comes to cinema facilities. As you enter the zone, lounge sofas will welcome you as you wait for the movies to start. Well-organized ticket booths will give you a glimpse of movies in the line-up.

You will surely get a warm welcome with the theater’s lush carpeting, individually designed lighting and special lasers to create an ethereal ambiance from the lounge area to the cinema.

Inside the theater, neon footlights will guide you to your seats. Individual love seats will give you the comfort as you travel into the movie world. These love seats may be reclined or reconfigured to accommodate a family or group. You will also get to relax and stretch with the theater’s wide legroom and ample space.

As you settle in your nook in the theater zone, you will marvel at the one of the largest screens in the local cinema. The Theater Zone screens measure 7.30 by 16.30 meters to fully immerse you in a one-of-a-kind movie experience of superior sights.

The sounds in the Theater Zone offer a difference as well. With the Dolby Digital Surround EX system technology, you will experience dynamic and realistic sounds - from the tiniest pin drop to the loudest bomb explosions.

The movie dialogues will reverberate closer to you as new depth is being added with the directional audio that tells you where the sounds are coming from. The Theater Zone’s Dolby Digital Surround EX system uses 5.1 distinct channels composed of five speakers and one subwoofer, to add superiority to other cinemas that use only two analog channels.

The Cinema Snack Bar will add tastes to your movie experience. Located in the lobby, the food zone houses a wide selection of fast-food franchises and coffee shops. And to give you movie memorabilia and collectible items is the theater’s non-food zone.

Aside from movies, the Theater Zone hosts a multitude of events and productions - sports, concerts, stage plays and musicals. And to add to this strong line-up of activities, the Theater Zone is also a fitting venue to conferences.

Visit the Theater Zone at the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall and get the movie experience with the difference. For screening schedules, please contact 681-5251.

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